Funko Pop! Movie Posters: Jurassic Park - Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor (Pre-Order)
Funko Pop! Movie Posters: Jurassic Park - Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor (Pre-Order)
Funko Pop! Movie Posters: Jurassic Park - Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor (Pre-Order)

Funko Pop! Movie Posters: Jurassic Park - Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor (Pre-Order)

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Relive action-packed moments from the adventurous film Jurassic Park! Feast your eyes on the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex saving the day by defeating the troublesome Velociraptor, while the mortals flee the premises. Caught in mid-chomp, this 6-inch scale T-Rex is presented in its full prehistoric glory. The Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex 6-Inch Pop! Figure and Velociraptor Pop! Movie Poster with Case includes the movie's iconic poster art and comes packaged in a window display box, complete with a hard case! The Velociraptor Pop! figure measures approximately 3 3/4-inches tall in this pose.

Even in this smaller 6-inch scale, the sculpting and painting is exquisite. Each wrinkle, bump, and scar is meticulously replicated to show the T-Rex's personality and character. From the painting of the dark black eyes to the sharp moist teeth, both vinyl figures are rendered as close to screen-accurate as possible!

Please note: The hard case does not open, and the figures are not removable.
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